The Summer of ‘22/’23 Tennis Ladder

On a tennis ladder, players are ranked according to their strength. The idea of a tennis ladder is to try to move your way up the ladder.
You can challenge players 2 places above and 2 places below you. If the lowest ranked player wins, the place of the highest ranked player will be taken by the winner, and the highest ranked player (and the player in between) will drop one spot on the ladder.

Matches will be best of 3 sets with the 3rd set being a super-tiebreaker (first to 10).

We ask players to play at least one match a month. Please book your court with Portia in advance and provide your own balls.

Inform Grant or Portia about the result of your match.

The current ladder is created on the base of the Club Championship results, with new members placed on merit. Are you not part of the current ladder and would you like to participate? Please let Grant know and he will add you to the ladder. Apologies if he has erroneously omitted you from the list.

If you have any queries or issues with any challenge match, please contact Grant.

New this year is the doubles ladder. You enter the doubles ladder as an individual and do NOT have a set partner. You can play with everyone.

Below the rules for doubles ladder:
- Every player in the club starts on zero points (equal footing)
- A player organizes a match with 3 other players
- Every player plays a set with every other player (3 sets)
- Every set won equals 1 point
- Tally up all points and inform Grant or Portia